How Does It Work?

Grip It: Apply Unity's Skatecro to your board. 

Stick It: Holds different size boards up to 17lbs!

 Skatecro Sizes

Small: 6" Width by 14" Length
Penny Boards & Small Cruisers

Medium: 7" Width by 15" Length
 Skateboards & Small Longboards

Large: 8" Width by 16" Length
Longboards & Electric Boards

Size Of Backpack

Interior & Features

Unity Backpacks have plenty of interior compartments for everything you will need!
Pen holders, binder compartments & more.

Unity Backpacks have double-padded laptop compartments for extra safety!
To better protect iPads and laptops.

Add Ons


Never buy another backpack again with Unity's U-Design Backpacks! Buy one backpack and add on as many patches as you want for only $10/patch. Mix & Match, interchange and even create your own designs to make extra money!