Brandon Shaneyfelt
Owner / Co-Founder

Awards / Honors
Unity Backpacks participated in University of Tampa's 1st Annual Pitch Competition. 
Of 10 participating startups, Unity Backpacks won Investor's Choice Award. 

   Our Partners

Unity Backpacks have a great relationship with their overseas partners. This provides our customers with product quality assurance as well as timely & resourceful product delivery.

"I was so happy that Unity Backpacks sent me one of their prototypes as a Christmas present! Super stoked for their product launch in February!"

by Johnny, 14

Unity Backpacks recently launched a new concept, "U-Design!" This allows customers to add on customized & interchangeable designs for their Unity Backpack.

"I was immediately interested in Unity Backpacks when I first saw them at the Surf Expo last year! Glad I was able to be a part of their big promotional video!"

by Steven McKaig, Sector 9